Front Garden Design

Your front garden design  is the first impression visitors will see when making a visit to your home. It is the last thing you see when leaving for work and the welcome to your home  when returning. In the urban environment a front garden tends to be a small space. Often, with a terraced house this space can be as little as 10-20 square metres. …

scott_lawrenceFront Garden Design

Garden Design for 2015? Book your consultation here

Now is the perfect time to start calling round and getting quotations for your garden redesign. Spring may seem a long way off, especially with the current  dreadful weather outside but in design terms it is not far away at all. Garden design is a process which takes time. The average redesign drawing can take up to 4 weeks to produce. Only …

scott_lawrenceGarden Design for 2015? Book your consultation here

They said it couldn’t be done…..

From Titchmarsh to the Don, the landscapers and pretty much the whole of the world wide web said you can not use ivy against any thing other than a wall! Well didn't I prove that wrong? It's not a wall, it is growing up  bespoke steel trellis I had made to create a partition wall in the garden between areas. ...
scott_lawrenceThey said it couldn’t be done…..

Planting for Winter Interest

When planting up a garden careful thought needs to be given as to how things will look in the winter. All too often, too much emphasis is given to summer interest planting, without any thought to the garden in the winter months. If the garden is planted without any structure, colour or form then come winter all that is going to ...
scott_lawrencePlanting for Winter Interest

Garden Design and Landscaping project in Richmond

One of this years projects was a medium sized garden redesign in Richmond Upon Thames. The garden was divided into several different areas of enjoyment. Formal seating area Sofa area for log fires Morning coffee seating area Large water feature, lawn and dog house Click here if you wish to read more about this Richmond Garden Design 
scott_lawrenceGarden Design and Landscaping project in Richmond

Keep off the lawn!

October is the best month to carry out Autumn lawn maintenance and prepare the grass for the coming winter months. The work put in now pays real dividends the coming spring. Feeding, scarifying, top dressing and over seeding are all tasks that ideally should be completed by November if you wish to kick into  spring with a growing, green, lush lawn. …

scott_lawrenceKeep off the lawn!

Like a scene from the Serengeti

Bit off topic but thought I’d share a picture taken today of the deer cooling off in Richmond Park. I’ve signed up for the 30 mile SkyRide this weekend, I am hoping they are willing to share the brook once I finish !

scott_lawrenceLike a scene from the Serengeti

Pleached Trees for Screening

Pleached trees are a great way to create privacy in your garden, whether it is hiding an unsightly building or from over looking neighbours pleached trees are definitely a great way of creating that screen that may be needed. Otherwise known as a "hedge on stilts" a pleached tree is a clear stem tree ie no branches coming off the ...
scott_lawrencePleached Trees for Screening

Stunning Equisetum hyemale

If you have been doing the rounds of show gardens this year you may of noticed the use of Equisetum hyemale. I used this plant in abundance at my Grand Designs show garden last year (perhaps I'm a trend setter, not a follower). It is a stunning evergreen plant that likes to be kept wet and is 'very'  happy to ...
scott_lawrenceStunning Equisetum hyemale

Our new website

After much procrastination, our new website has arrived. The old site was taking far too long to get updated and was not user friendly. Expect big things from this new site. Regular updates on current projects along with pictures of designed gardens as they mature through the seasons. There will also be horticultural news, plant suggestions and garden design guidance …

scott_lawrenceOur new website