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Garden Irrigation Systems

Professional garden irrigation systems installed

We supply and install garden irrigation systems that are 100% compliant with the Thames Water hosepipe ban. Call 0208 408 4060 for a free consultation and quotation.

The benefits of an automatic irrigation system

Healthier Plants

Installing an irrigation system into your existing garden design will keep plants healthy, maintaining a steady supply of water encourages plants to grow deeper roots, this helps plants find the nutrients they need in deeper soil. Flooding a plant with a bucket of water will only only encourage unhealthy plants (and weeds) with shallow roots.

Water Conservation

Deliver water to the plants, not bare empty soil.

Automatic Watering

Set the timer to water at a specific time and frequency and never worry about your plants when you do not have time to water them or go on holiday. Timers can run for 6 months without a battery change.

Timed Watering

Water plants at night or early in the morning reducing the chance of leaf scorch or loosing valuable water through evaporation.

With our detailed plant knowledge we can install a professional, timed, water irrigation system to deliver water straight to your garden plants.

Our irrigation systems are flexible, adding extra drippers, pourous hose or sprinklers (when the ban is over) is simple. We only use professional grade fittings and guarantee all our systems for 1 year.

Call 0208 408 4060 to arrange an appointment for your irrigation system in SW London.