Large Family Garden Design Stockwell

garden design in stockwell

A very interesting garden to design. Not only in its irregular, triangular shape but mostly there was no true client for this project.

The listed building was purchased by a property  developer for resale. The house was in a derelict condition and the garden further reflected this.

Unlike most developers that will  do a renovation, bury the waste in the garden and lay it to lawn this developer knew the importance of a garden space in London and wanted to make the most of it with no corners cut.

Together a plan was produced for the garden that was likely to meet the new owners brief for a garden.

patio seating area

The Seating Area

Being a fairly large sized garden by London standards it was agreed to make the patio / seating area as large as possible whilst keeping it in balance and proportion with the garden.

This area has been designed to comfortably seat 12 with additional space for a BBQ and cantilever sun umbrella.

Children’s Trampoline Area

An area was chosen where a large trampoline could be installed without becoming an eye sore (trampolines are not a designers best friend).

The ground work for this area was carried out and dressed with playbark.

A fast growing, evergreen hedge ‘Griselinia’ was planted to screen the trampoline frame.


childrens trampoline area

screening treesPlanted Privacy

As you would expect in such an urban area as Stockwell, the garden is overlooked from all sides.

To counter this and offer a feeling a seclusion carefully selected and positioned trees were planted.

Species include evergreen Ligustrum japonicum, the white barked Betula utilis var jaquemontii and the silver leafed Pyrus salicifolia pendula (weeping pear)