Pleached Trees for Screening


Pleached trees are a great way to create privacy in your garden, whether it is hiding an unsightly building or from over looking neighbours pleached trees are definitely a great way of creating that screen that may be needed.

Otherwise known as a “hedge on stilts” a pleached tree is a clear stem tree ie no branches coming off the trunk usually up to the top of the fence or wall line then horizontal branches are trained on a framework. Planted in rows together pleached trees then give a solid line of foliage providing privacy whilst minimising the ground place taken up which is very advantageous in a small garden. Pleached trees are not only a solution for creating privacy, they can be very effective in a garden design for creating rooms or dividing the garden into different areas.

Types of Pleached Trees

Pleached trees fall into 3 different categories. Evergreen, semi-deciduous and deciduous.

Choosing the right Pleached Tree

This will vary depending on your gardens soil type, aspect (sunlight) and the use for which it is intended. For instance an evergreen pleached row may be the best option to hide an ugly building or office block and a deciduous or semi evergreen more suited for the garden boundary. </p>

The different species pleached trees.

These are the most common and successful varieties of pleached trees available.

Beech -Semi deciduous
Hornbeam -Semi deciduous
Lime -Deciduous
Laurel -Evergreen
Photinia -Evergreen
London Plane -Deciduous
Holly – Evergreen
Scott Lawrence Garden Design supply all types of pleached trees & stilted hedging as part of a planting service. Call or email us to arrange a site visit and discuss your exact requirements.