Garden Design for 2015? Book your consultation here


planting_designNow is the perfect time to start calling round and getting quotations for your garden redesign.

Spring may seem a long way off, especially with the current  dreadful weather outside but in design terms it is not far away at all.

Garden design is a process which takes time. The average redesign drawing can take up to 4 weeks to produce. Only when the design is complete and been agreed upon can accurate quotations be obtained for the work. This can take a further week or 2.

Once you are happy with a quotation it is then a question of booking the landscaper to implement the design. A good, competent landscaper will be busy most of the year and a wait time of 3 – 6 weeks is the norm for work to start. 

So if you are looking to get a fabulous looking garden for Spring steps need to be taken as soon as you can.

I offer a free design consultation, a chance to discuss your garden, what you wish to achieve from it and your budget for the project. From here a quotation is produced for the garden redesign drawings.

Please feel free to call me on 07867 335745. Alternately us the contact from provided for a call back.