They said it couldn’t be done…..


From Titchmarsh to the Don, the landscapers and pretty much the whole of the world wide web said you can not use ivy against any thing other than a wall!

Well didn’t I prove that wrong? It’s not a wall, it is growing up  bespoke steel trellis I had made to create a partition wall in the garden between areas. If I had designed it with bricks and mortar then it would of added another £20,000 to the design. I always look to plants first to provide a design solution rather than landscaping (££££) . What’s more, plants create better features than hard landscaping. 

I have designed many gardens with many features but this one picture represents something much more to me than a designers ego. It represents something that is dissapearing faster than I can type a tweet, plant knowledge!

The industry I am in, we have leaf blowers who profess to be gardeners, landscapers who call themselves designers and designers that are just ladys who do lunch.

It is, unfortunately an unregulated industry.  Anyone can call themselves a gardener, designer, landscaper and whenever there is an economic downturn floods of anyone who  decide to leave the bright city lights, buy a book and declare ‘darling, I’m a professional gardener now’ 

It is up to you, to resolve this. Next time you book anyone to carry out work on your garden check their credentials. Are they qualified for what you require? If they are a gardener are they RHS qualified or equivalent?

I’ve seen  a professional £40 per hour  maintenance  company recently working on a clients garden that would not even know the plant growing above and decide to cut it down as it could be a weed? .  Be warned !